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The more friends, the better!

     For some, the internet is a foreign land that ought to be visited on occasion. For others (like me), the internet is an extension of their person. It’s a place where they journal their lives, even if it is a filtered portrayal of their existence. The internet maintains connections between your past, present, allowing your future to be well-connected.
     The advantage to having many friends on sites such as Facebook is not just to feed the ego.

My morning ritual after seeing new Twitter followers

     Having a large database of people on your friends list provides you with almost immediate access to many facets of your life, from your coworkers to your old high school friends (or enemies). I can’t tell you how fun it is looking at how much my high school classmates have changed…or not changed. So many baby pictures, laughs, and puppies!

Planning events through social sites can be much faster than snail mail. 

     Social activism is easier if you have a well-populated friends list. Those who support your posts can easily share with others. In fact, recent civil unrest in many regions around the world is attributed to people who shared political messages with large amounts of friends.

     Activist artists share their work online and can spread their messages with lightning speed. Talk about word of mouth in the digital age!

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