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Might As Well Face It; I’m Addicted To My Smartphone

     I don’t even know what life was like before my first smartphone. I guess I remember playing Bookworm, or accessing some music database. What I remember about these dark ages is that I had limited access to the internet, to the world wide web of DATA…sweet information at my fingertips!  

     I now have an app on my smartphone that tells me movie information at the drop of a hat. When I wake up, I like to read my virtual newspaper. I usually start with Twitter, looking at my news list. I knew what happened before many people that there was a shooting at LAX because of my resources, like,  Facebook and Twitter. Basically, I start my mornings checking to see whether the world is still operational or not. 
     I also have a smartphone app that helps me study for data-intensive classes. For example, do you know when the Middle Ages began and ended? What key instruments were used during the Renaissance? I do, and it’s because of my smart phone. It helps me with my studies, with navigation, and even with the occasional bus I need to catch. It also helps me to kill time.  
     First thing in the morning, I access Facebook and Twitter for notifications. There is always so much to catch up on. When I log in to my PC, I find myself checking my phone (probably Facebook) while I check Twitter on my phone. Between classes, I check Facebook. It’s like a slot machine in Las Vegas. Sometimes there’re notifications; sometimes there aren’t. If there are a few seconds before math class, I guarantee I’m looking at Facebook for any new updates. 
     Thanks, smart phone! You offer me entertainment, access to information, and news.  
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