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Homemade Deodorant!

As promised, here is link to a basic recipe for deodorant.

My husband and I have been using coconut/baking soda/cornstarch deodorant now for over year, and we love the change. I had hyperhidrosis, but I got sick of the increasing uselessness of my once-per-week, liquid prescription from my doctor. It gave me rashes if it wasn’t dried COMPLETELY, and it didn’t do anything for removing odor! When I switched to natural, coconut-based deodorant, within one week I could feel (and smell!) instant results.

My life has always been dominated by constant worry of sweat. But “going natural” has been such an incredibly positive change. The odor that sweat creates has disappeared almost completely. My clothes aren’t gross by the end of the day. My armpits feel like real skin again. I noticed that one right away. Regular deodorants from the store always left a residue on my skin. My confidence has increased as well, as I sweat considerably less. I finally feel like at least a little part of my life is finally under control. 

One of my favorite parts is all the different essential oils that we add into the mixture — the combinations are so much fun to discover!

Be sure to read the Tips & Warnings! Also, I would not recommend preparing this over a stove or other heat source. It is far too easy to make this deodorant without the complication of extra dishes or steps when, instead, you can simply use patience and a spoon.

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