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Hello, Aunt Flo

This post is in response to the above video I saw on YouTube this morning. The men in the video are truly appreciative by the end, but what I’m really responding to is the large number of ignorant comments of the why-should-I-care variety. I’ve seen this mentality far too frequently to assume it is just a fluke attitude. Rather than make a blanket comment to some random user in the vortex known as YouTube, I am responding by way of the vortex known as my blog.

Why should non-menstruating people give a shit?

Because we menstruators make up about fifty per cent of the population.

Because we menstruate for approximately forty long (and often painful) years.

Because someone you know and love menstruates.

Because it’s pretty stupid to watch men of all ages cry, “Ew, gross!” or get physically ill whenever someone grabs an unwrapped tampon from her purse or mentions something period-related.

Because it’s primarily cis-men who have been passing legislation, regulations, and religious mandates over menstruating bodies for centuries.

Because it is cis-men who have absolutely no idea or perhaps have only primitive, grade-school knowledge of a woman’s biological function yet continue to sexually objectify women as holes to be filled.

Because it’s pretty bizarre that some men are so disgusted by periods yet think it’s perfectly natural to cum on a woman’s face.

Because many non-menstruators believe those who menstruate are singularly disgusting for about one week out of every month.

Because feminine products are necessary health care products that manage biological waste yet still go mostly uncovered by health insurance (even FSA) as they are considered optional personal hygiene products or toiletries.


The male dynamic has been incredibly pervasive with respect to women’s healthcare, even going so far as to employ male midwives, accoucheurs, to tend to pregnant women. Historically, female doulas (or equivalent) were outlawed or banned because cis-men were considered authority figures in the scope of human biology. Perhaps society has, in some ways, distanced itself so greatly from what menstruating women really need, in part because of this historical shift from maternal to paternal medicine:

The evolution of medical ethics in relation to civil rights is also present in the change from maternal to paternal obstetrics. Female midwives were frequently marginalized and replaced by a male-dominated medical society (Porter 117). “As it makes clear, Hippocratic medicine was a male monopoly, although physicians expected to cooperate with midwives and nurses” (31). Clearly, the widening divide created by patriarchal medicine has had its influence over women’s rights. Present debates such as stem cell research and abortion are in the hot seat and, perhaps with further contemplation, begs the question: If there was no shift from female midwifery to male accoucheurs, would there even be a stem cell or abortion debate today (119)? The male dictum in regards to the rights and wrongs of childbirth, childcare, and all-encompassing knowledge of the female reproductive system is curiously in the hands of a group of males rather than first-hand female expertise. The shift to male expertise in a “woman’s world,” along with other socio-cultural elements in the 1960s, brought to a head the great emergence of the feminist movement. The battle between the sexes progressed well into the 1970s and cases that involved women’s reproductive rights, such as the prominent abortion rights case of Roe v. Wade, emerged.


I found this relevant parody:

Look, I don’t even know how to end this post, so I’m simply going to end it.

post-script message:
I tried to use the appropriate terminology with respect to those readers who are gender fluid, non-cis, etc.
I am doing my best but I know I have a lot to learn. If I wrote a term here that is incorrect, inappropriate, or derogatory in context (i.e., it should say cis-males instead of cis-men), PLEASE let me know how to correct the terminology. Your input is pure GOLD and I appreciate you helping me make this post as inclusive as possible.

Love and peace,
^Sedated Koala

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