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Welfare Woes


(not like this will actually change minds)

People on welfare and other public assistance/social programs come from all backgrounds.

Being on one of these programs does NOT mean:
a) the person is lazy
b) the person is black or other minority/POC
c) the person is a drug addict or an alcoholic
d) the person does not work nor has ever worked

You would probably be surprised at how many people are enrolled in these programs that you personally know, and you would be ashamed at your line of thinking, that one entitlement/benefit program is more elite or more legitimate than the other. Aren’t you ashamed that you would rather see a family fail – a child starve, even – all because you think welfare is a handout for lazy people. Can you look those people in the eye and say what you’ve said?

Sorry, I can’t sit back and see this kind of outward display of ignorance, racism, and maliciousness from people I know who claim to be good christians or at least good people.

Who is on welfare?

Some people really hate the homeless.

America, you have failed your citizens.

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