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Hammerhead Fever

So… here it is– my first game. I am the artist/designer and there is another person who is the programmer.

When my partner and I started brainstorming for this video game prototype that was to be made specifically in GameMaker, I came in with a pretty clear idea for a scrolling shooter kind of game (similar to another top-down scroller, 1942), or at least a game where a hammerhead shark was going to get to take the main stage and show us how cool it would be to swim around finding crabs, “fighting” harpooners, and avoiding garbage that floats in its coral reef environment.

I was hoping to spark some risk-sharing and risk-taking game-making adventures with my project partner, but he was so overwhelmed by my amazing hammerhead shark narrative that we agreed to create something closer to my original idea. Actually, [insert longer, more unfortunate game brainstorming story here].

But let’s stop finnin’ around and get right to it.


Hammerhead Fever


Hammerhead Fever assets overview.001

Here’s the model on which I based the shark.  


HammerHead Pic1


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 3.06.46 PM


Controls: < > arrow keys for movement and spacebar to shoot.

In the next build, we want to add bigger bosses as a level-clearing condition, fix the randomizer so enemies continue to generate, make “wifi” sonar rays rather than laser-shooting head (natural echolocation– hellooo!), add-in garbage thrown in by us terrible humans, harpoons, add some scoring/feedback, and the side coral reef will not kill you (probably not, anyway).

I think it’s interesting to hear that people want me to add eyes to the head, but if you’re looking at a hammerhead shark from above, you can’t see their eyes.


Some questions to consider:

What enemies would you fight if you were a hammerhead shark?

What is one thing that you would add to make this game better?

What did you like?

What didn’t you like?

What was most interesting to you (good or bad)?

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