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Stargate: Rise of the System Lords Board Game

How would you like to play a new board game? I mean, I know you’ve tried all those sophisticated board games and now you’re looking to go back to the basic-basics. …hmmm, say, to something made by a beginning game designer– someone who has no experience whatsoever? What’s that, you say? You’d like to hear more about this new board game? Well, goodness, if you insist. Presenting an early prototype I’m making for a wonderfully awesome Game Studies class:

stargate banner


…and only for that class.

stargate Character card gif


Fashion icon.

But I am a big fan of the show. I thought it deserved some kind of card-based mechanic, and it’s a universe I’m pretty familiar with. I don’t plan on making a dime from this, by the way! Taking the rule set and foundation of Bee Battle 2000, an earlier prototype I made for class, I knew all semester long that something Stargate-y might be in the mental works, creatively. I had so much fun making Bee Battle 2000, so the ideas flowed when it came time to submitting a proposal.



Gracious host.

Lord Yu

“Never Have I Ever” div. 1 leaderboard


Enjoys gold.

Vala Mal Daran Qetesh

A reference to the rules is required here.


Free hugs.


Scientist. Fashionista. …Mass murderer.

Most of my peers went with making video games, but I really wanted a hand at re-energizing an older board game that was already made by my own hands. Thank the professor, and not me, for this amazing thing you’re about to see because he approved the damn proposal.


I– I…I can’t.

This game is still in its early stages, but it’s getting there. While making games is fun, another important lesson is in the iterative design process, where, in this case, a game design undergoes a set path that considers winning conditions, playability (in general), and the overall mechanics-dynamics-aesthetics of a game. So, basically, I made a prototype, tested it, analyzing the results of the test session, and refined the game based on that. THEN the cycle repeats itself, so it’s a ton of play-testing and re-doing the rules/mechanics of the game.

The game board dimensions are in contention and there need to be some adjustments to the random event cards, for both clarity and and better randomization.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.33.39 PM

The bee cards became Goa’uld, and I had to be a little more creative with the character card powers. The balance still feels right, though. If you want to check out the full set, you must click here to download everything.




Hathor symbol

Lord Yu

Lord Yu symbol


Osiris symbol


Nirrti symbol


Apophis symbol


Ba’al Jaffa Symbol



Zipacna symbol

Excerpts of rules used from UNO: Official Rules 


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