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Jessica Wawra (Kesselring) is a classical vocalist, composer, blogger, activist, and transfer student from Southern California. Her interests include women’s and minority issues, American civil rights, international human rights, and digital photography & art. She also discusses Fibromyalgia and her experiences growing up as a deaf person in a hearing world. You can often find Jessica and her camera on a mountain trail.

     Welcome you to my new virtual home, Sedated Koala. I am so excited you are here! You will find many aspects of me here – from mundane day-to-day complaints to my more complicated ramblings that may come out of nowhere. As I begin my journey into this new world of site-building adventures (I’m moving over from Blogger. It was good while it lasted…), I hope you will enjoy looking around at what there is to offer. I didn’t want to wait any longer to launch Sedated Koala, so, here it is in all its skeletal glory.

     I hope you keep checking back from time to time. I promise there’ll be more! 

Stay tuned: I will soon offer safer handmade alternatives for deodorant, lip balm, toothpaste, and more. I am especially thrilled to showcase my signature deodorant blend, Sedated Koala, a soothing mixture of eucalyptus & mint. Until then, I will post recipes and links as soon as possible. I have nothing to hide in these products I make. I use them myself everyday and I am so glad my husband encouraged us to make the change.

Why Sedated Koala?

From the physical world to my virtual world, I wanted a rebrand — a central location where I could incorporate my blog,  music compositions, vocal performances, and other ventures all into one. I was in and out of the hospital a lot as a kid, and sometimes all I had was a toy koala bear stuffed with nutshells to keep me company. Thirty-three years later, I still have Mister Koaly Bear, but I think he’s terrified of my messy closet space, where he calmly and patiently sits perched on a shelf.

Koala metaphors could probably take up pages and pages, but at the heart of it, a koala does what a koala does best: he eats toxic, fibrous plants and sleeps a lot. He will die otherwise.

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  1. Leslie
    December 14, 2014

    Hi Jessica,
    We met at our guys alumni event for the banana slugs of UCSC at the paypal building a couple weeks ago. I mentioned that my partner Tim and I have a successful financial services business that is expanding, here in the bay area. You are such an amazingly well rounded, intelligent woman as I’m reading on your site here! I enjoyed connecting with you at the social event where I felt a little lost as a non-alumni and you were a good person to connect to. I would love to see you again and have you come to an open house event at our office, to meet our team and see what we do for families here in the bay area.

    I cannot be sure it is something you will be a great fit with, as you have many wonderful talents and abilities. I do think however, our company would be better with someone like yourself. If you see how our company helps families plan their financial success then down the road when the time is right we can do business together or you may have someone you would like to refer.

    Either way, call me and I can give you the details of our next open house.

    My best,
    Leslie Gunterson

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