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Stressed-Out Meditation Coach

Strong Language. Listener/viewer discretion is advised.

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Old Lady on a Podium

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And the nominees are…

Here are my picks for the 2014 Emmys. OUTSTANDING DRAMA True Detective OUTSTANDING COMEDY Silicon Valley OUTSTANDING ACTOR IN A DRAMA Woody Harrelson, True Detective OUTSTANDING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA … Continue reading

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Red Tomato, Yellow Tomato | Green Thumb, Black Thumb

I’ve been dabbling in gardening again since I’ve recently acquired a little bit of space to do so.

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DIY: Homemade Lipbalm (Honey & mint)

This is fun for a small weekend project. Beeswax & Coconut Oil Honey Mint Lip Balm Prepare to melt stuff: ALWAYS wash lip balm containers thoroughly and set them to … Continue reading

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Always looking

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Friends F-ore-ver

"What did the bedrock say when he met a gold nugget one day?" "Ore-some! Let's be friends!" — Jessica Wawra (@Zombie_Princess) March 31, 2014

March 30, 2014 · 1 Comment

One Bad Idea

  There is no triumph without making mistakes. It took Thomas Edison more than 1,000 tries to achieve the light bulb, right?

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Fibromyalgia: The Hidden Four-Letter Word

Many people think that Fibromyalgia means you are simply tired all the time. In fact, Fibromyalgia (fibro) – a chronic, painful condition that affects more women than men (a 9 to … Continue reading

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Meditation Not Medication

  The older I get, the more fidgety I become. From the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep, my mind and my body are working … Continue reading

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California: Just a Dollop of History

Here’s a little background history for California. When I was in middle school (growing up in Iowa), we didn’t get to learn about the California missions; instead, we learned about … Continue reading

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Homemade Deodorant! As promised, here is link to a basic recipe for deodorant. My husband and I have been using coconut/baking soda/cornstarch deodorant now for over year, and we love the … Continue reading

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Against a woman’s wishes. What’s next, America?


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Movie/TV Poster: Resistance is Futile

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Updated Jesus: A Closer Look

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Putin on the Ritz

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Jesus (Not for sensitive eyes)

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Movie/TV Poster: Jurassic Park

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Movie/TV Poster: Wilfred

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Movie/TV Poster: Carrie

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Movie/TV Poster: I.T.

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Movie/TV Poster: Gravity

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The Heartless & The Homeless

I know for many it is difficult to understand how someone could become homeless. But that’s a whole different topic for another time, I think. The complexities of community responsibility … Continue reading

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Might As Well Face It; I’m Addicted To My Smartphone

     I don’t even know what life was like before my first smartphone. I guess I remember playing Bookworm, or accessing some music database. What I remember about these … Continue reading

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Today’s Challenge, Tomorrow’s Acceptance

Today’s challenge is reaching tomorrow’s acceptance that my body’s limitations will cause me to RSVP “maybe” to every invitation from a friend. Today’s challenge is reaching tomorrow’s acceptance that sometimes … Continue reading

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Get Off My Back About Back Fat!

I’m coming clean because I think it just feels right to be honest now. I have back fat. Yes, back fat. No matter how thin or thick I am, the … Continue reading

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International Walk To School Day

“Despite the clear public health and safety problems presented by pedestrians being hit by cars, pedestrian safety is still neglected in the United States. Little federal spending goes to protect … Continue reading

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Passion: Heart Smart

     Follow your passion! I started school because I was so driven to study linguistics and anthropology after having found myself at a glass ceiling in banking just before … Continue reading

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Corporate Bailout

     The White House recently met with key officials in Detroit to discuss measure to “clean up” the city, whistling to the tune of around $300 million.  The money … Continue reading

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I’m Coming Out: My Feminist Rebirth

I am a feminist. Oh my god, I said it! I’d be in denial if I said this was not a scarily redefining moment for me. I am done calling … Continue reading

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A Globally Complex Epidemic

The world we live in is much different than what I remember as a child. It is not the world that changed, however; it was me who changed. The changes … Continue reading

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Alanis Morissette, I’m Very Sorry.

I oughta know better than to spend an afternoon creating silly pictures of musicians. I’m sure I could be doing something more productive, but isn’t this just a little funny, … Continue reading

September 21, 2013 · 1 Comment

Juicy Jessica, Criminal Mastermind

I want to apologize for committing a serious crime.       I was about 7 or so in the mid-1980s and I convinced my friend and I to ride around … Continue reading

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Talkin’ ‘Bout My Inner Motivation

I admit. I am a phone junkie. I love all the options I have for my phone! I can shoot ZOMBIES! I can track how many miles I’ve walked! I … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want To Be Homecoming Queen

The more friends, the better!      For some, the internet is a foreign land that ought to be visited on occasion. For others (like me), the internet is an … Continue reading

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Get Off My Lawn: The Unfortunate Consequences Of Fame

     Celebrities deserve privacy just like the rest of us.  Sometimes a person doesn’t choose to be famous: he or she is just living life and then BAM!  fame … Continue reading

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The Other Side Of Thirty

     Whoa! How did this happen?!? I’ve landed on the other side of thirty!!! Oh. My. God!  Um, yay?      Geez-o, it’s taken me so long to finish … Continue reading

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Phase [Insert Number] Begins Now

Today marks the first day back from no computer for 2 months! If you need me, I’m going to binge on all the Steam games I got this summer but … Continue reading

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The Burning Man’s Pants Are On Fire!

     The excitement behind the idea of Burning Man is so irresistible to an outsider – that blissful idea of leaving it all behind for a short while and … Continue reading

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Lend Me Your Ear

A letter to young ones with microtia/atresia,  the parents of those children,  doctors,   &  to anyone else this might apply ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~      If you … Continue reading

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Periodic Table of Sorry, I’ve Got To Take This Call

  I realized today that, throughout my academic career, I have not had to memorize the Periodic Table. Ever.      Then I asked myself why such a big deal? After … Continue reading

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A 2-Year-Old & Her Pot Brownie Habit: Kids These Days, Right?

Is La Crescenta – the hideaway in the hills near Hollywood – turning into a hub for junkies?      Daycare owner Roubena Hartounian was arrested “on suspicion of child … Continue reading

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An Affair (I mean a dinner) To Remember

Here’s what you didn’t eat for dinner tonight (but there’s always tomorrow night) Tilapia with a soy/ginger/dill glaze Mexican squash sauteed with balsamic vinaigrette and dill Baby bok choy, leek, … Continue reading

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Therapy In Disguise: The Brain Drain

     There is nothing more therapeutic than messing around on my computer.  I can play video games.  I can be a hero or an asshole in The Walking Dead … Continue reading

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Gifts from our loved ones

Ah, yes. I, among many, have had the wonderful experience of stepping right in cat vomit. Now, most cat owners agree that the hairball is inevitable. What’s even more “evitable” … Continue reading

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Body & Mind: Mentally Minced

Crossword three-down says ennuiBut do they really know what it means? Sitting there thinking, thinking, thinkingSitting there drinking, drinking, drinking Trying to separate logic and hateAnd all the connections your … Continue reading

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I Hate Long Lines

     We need technology if our government is to survive. We need more contact with respect to who represents us- not just in Congress but also in the bureaucratic processes … Continue reading

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A Work In Progress

Here is a preview of my latest work in progress, ft. trumpet solo. SO much more to go! 

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SCOTUS DNA Decision: A Disconcerting Reminder of Yesteryear

     The idea behind mass-collection of DNA from the recently arrested leads some to believe that this type of DNA data banking is the ultimate answer to catching the real … Continue reading

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We’re On Our Way!

     The 20th Century showed us that the very nature of ‘Separate But Equal’ fosters violent and divisive behavior in the entire spectrum of society.  Some privileged, white Americans … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To My Sister

You raised me. You were my mentor. You taught me right from wrong. You taught me how to get into trouble. You showed me how to think for myself through … Continue reading

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A Little Girl Died That Day

Hey, let’s talk about something for a moment. Reality television sensationalizes the worst aspects of human behaviour and, in conjunction with Detroit police, ultimately, a little girl is dead.  The … Continue reading

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